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About Us

Bingham & Taylor was established in 1849, and has proudly served the water and natural gas industries for over 165 years. We were foundational members of AWWA and AGA, and have long supported these important institutions, whose missions are to improve the quality and supply of water and gas throughout North America.

Bingham & Taylor is committed to designing and manufacturing the best quality products available. What distinguishes us most from other suppliers is that we make it easy to work with us. Whether the requirement is to produce a custom product in a small quantity, design a product for a highly specific application, or produce a high volume of a re-order quickly, Bingham & Taylor has the resources and flexibility to meet the need.

Bingham & Taylor's research and development team specializes in products that serve the special needs of America's water and natural gas utilities. Our craftsmen and technicians are true manufacturing professionals, with an average 14 years experience in our industry. They are a primary reason we have earned the reputation as our industry's leader in product design and innovation.

Our production resources include a fully automated grey iron foundry, and an in-house pattern shop to support our design, tooling, sampling and production projects. We also have the unrivaled flexibility of extensive blow molding capacity for our growing business in ABS products, and, equally important, the knowledge and experience to optimize process temperature, air velocity and mold close speeds for best-possible results.

Bingham & Taylor is proud to offer the most diverse product line in our industries, with products, sizes, materials and features that meet your needs. Call or email us today.

About Bingham & Taylor
Bingham & Taylor has the most diverse product line in our industry, we pride ourselves in providing timely service and quality products from a knowledgeable and dedicated staff.

Bingham & Taylor Industry Affiliations
National Organizations

  • American Water Works Association
  • American Gas Association
  • Water and Sewer Distributors of America
  • National Association of Corrosion Engineers
  • Canadian Gas Association

Regional and Local Associations

  • Ohio Gas Association
  • Texas Gas Association
  • Pennsylvania Energy Association
  • Northeast Gas Association
  • New Mexico Gas Association
  • Kentucky Gas Association
  • Midwest Energy Association
  • Florida Natural Gas Association
  • Southern Gas Association




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